Choux farci au Saumon (Salmon stuffed Cabbage)


First Tatekitchen in 2014. Has been long time since last one. (I forgot when it was)

I cooked full course for cerebration. I was so excited for this.

You can see my main dish above. This one is my favorite dish from French movie “Haute Cuisine”.  I watched the movie in an airplane on way back to U.S. The main character, the first woman chef for the French president, was cooking this stuffed cabbage. I was watching cooking scene and slobbering in from of a monitor.

That was just few minutes scene, so I don’t really remember, BUT I did my best! Actually, it was amazing taste. I cooked this stuffed cabbage with fish broth. I couldn’t find a bouquet garni around here, so I made own mixed herb for fish. Those were chervil, dill, and tarragon.


The sauce was made of broth and butter, heavy cream and lemon juice. you know it should be nice and simple. For appetizer, I got truffle oil in Maine, so the oil changed porcini to real truffle! lol…. I’m kidding. You can taste both porcini and cappuccino flavor at beginning and truffle flavor comes out from your nose.

I think the course looks nice and light overall. Actually, I want to cook french pear with red wine, but I didn’t have red wine, so I made them with white wine and kiwi flavor. Kiwi fruits did a great job for elegant flavor.