Osso Bucco lamb shank

Sautéd Scallop witz yuzu citrus pepper sauce and spring herb
Pesto alla genovese with spring vegetables
Ossobucco lamb shank
Arroz con leche

My week was over after heavy sparring on Saturday. How's everyone's memorial weekend? BBQ? Shopping? Tanning? My teammates were running to the house right after sparring. I'm sure everybody enjoy sunny weekend with family.


Mine was great. I got guest to my place and cooked wine dinner. That was awesome. I love to cook and enjoy time and meal with my family and friends. Seasonal vegetables are so tasty! Let's check out what I made.



We started with light snack before appetizer. Traditional Italian olive bar is always must! Here is interesting dish. I put raspberry jam and pistachio flake on goat cheese. You should try this one.

Vegetables for genovese

I am raising basil by window at my apartment, so use them for pesto. Now basil is almost gone, so I hope they will grow up soon. Spring vegetables are so tasty and fantastic with pesto flavor.


Peach is in season, so I marinated them with lemon and EVOO. I sautéed scallop with grass fed butter and served it over peach. Sauce is made of Yuzu (Japanese citrus) condiment, miso, and butter, so it has really strong flavor. Lemon and EVOO makes equalize saltiness and gives you rich flavor.


Main dish was slow cooked lamb shank. The slower you cook, the better dish you have. I cooked lamb with chicken stock and red wine. Sauce is from liquid for brazing. I made sauce from wine and stock juice. Adding a little bit of tomato paste is a secret for this recipe. This is truly mouth watering moist and tender. You don't need knife for this one.


Desert is gluten free, kind, tasty, lovely, arroz con leche, means "rice with milk" in Spanish. I used to eat this every day when I was Spain. I used raw honey for sweetness and added white raisin. My friend brought Hawaian sweets, so I served it together. What a gorgeous desert.


It was a great time with nice food and fine. I hope everyone enjoy sunny weekend.