Lapin Braisé à la Bière



braised-and grilled-rabbit

My friends were visiting me from Japan, so I show SOWA boston and we enjoyed weekend there.


At public market in Boston, you can find fresh fruits and vegetables from local. I got some fresh ingredients and brought them to Tatekitchen!


Look these fresh veges! I was so excited to cook them.


Cleaned fresh lobster. I used organ for ravioli. Thats the secret!


I am not professional chef at all, but my friends have given me an uniform and knife so far....


Fresh organic rabbit from local! you know I use everything. Bones are for broth and organs are for sauce.


Debone each part because taste and cooking time are very different each other.


Dark meat for braising with local beer and white meat for grill.


I made ravioli sheet from scratch. Instead of EVOO for regular pasta, I used lard from my guanciale (salted pork cheek meat ). Needless to say, ravioli had so much flavor and tasty.

Cooked lobster guts with grass fed butter and mixed them with lobster meat. I didn't put any salt inside, but put more than usual (like cooking regular pasta) in broth to cook ravioli. Since mint is the key of freshness, put it in chicken broth and cooked ravioli. Lastly emulsified broth with EVOO.


I have cooked a rabbit few years ago and did whole roast then. A lesson from that experience was that rabbit meat is very sensitive and each part has different taste, texture and flavor, so concluded that I should cook them separately.  Garnish/ AKA flavorful vegetables are fennel, shallot and leeks from local farms. Those vegetables did amazing job and brought great flavor to both braising beer and mustard cream sauce.

My friend has a family in Harvard, MA and brought craft beer from there. Why not use it for tonight's main dish!? I braised rabbit thigh with beer in a dutch oven and cooked about an hour and half. For tenderloin, I grilled them separately and added cream and mustard to the pan. When mixed sauce into cooked vegetables, it was amazing moment and I was very happy to serve them on plates!


Did you know you can make your own ice cream from scratch within 5 minutes? All you need is ice cream ingredients, tons of ice, salt, ziplock bag. Thats all.  I saw a short movie someone was sharing on facebook, so tried it. It was very easy. First, put all ingredients in a ziplock bag. Second, Fill the gallon-size ziplock bag halfway with ice cubes. Sprinkle Kosher salt over the ice cubes. Insert the pint-size bag filled with ingredients into the bag of ice and salt. Seal the gallon-size ziplock bag. Lastly, shake it up! Thats it. I would say around 5 minutes is perfect for thickness and texture. Acai pudding is also super easy. defrost acai pack and soak chia seeds in it. After seeds get thick, add raw honey for sweetness as much as you want (its not my responsibility) Got goji berry for garnish! Well done! Don't you think so?