Paella de Quinoa


I got tons of clams as leftover from Japnese festival on the other day. We made ramen broth from chicken, pork and seafood. Clams was one of broth ingredients, so I froze and save them.

Quinoa for Paella instead of rice? Didn't have to use oven at all, so that was easy dish. You can't see them, but I added chicken breast too. If I don't care about my weight, I would put bacon or chorizo for strong flavor.

It has been 8, 9 years since I visited Spain. I went to see my roommate and took Spanish class there. My culture shock there was that rice was a main dish! We eat rice as a main staple, but for Spanish people their main staple is bread, so it was very interesting.

All you need is paprika, oregano, garlic and EVOO. Those make your protein Spanish flavor in Paella pan. Make sure that you don't overlook clams. Frambe clams with white wine and cook quinoa with its stock. Take out clams from pan once shell opens up and bring them back at the end.

Clams contain taurin, vitamin B12, Iron, Zinc and lean protein too. Really good for your liver so try this for your weekend.