Venison Steak


Happy New Year 2017 to everyone. Kicking off the new year with home made dinner at TateKitchen! I invited my close friends to my place and did the first Tatekitchen in 2017. Yes, I need to enjoy my food before a fight camp. 

The presentation was beautiful as you can see because my friend Mike Daikubara , an Urban Sketcher, made everything fancy and wonderful. What else do I want more? It was excellent food, great companion with friends and great wine. What a great way to start out the year!

Let's see what we had.



You know I make everything from scratch. I know, I know, Im sorry for those who are saying "Hey Tek! Did you eat gluten?", but I am not perfect and let me enjoy my last gluten before a fight camp. Antico Molino Caputo flour from Italy is my choice because Caputo only chooses high quality wheat selected in Italy and abroad with the utmost care. Because it works the wheat to grind slowly to avoid damaging the starches and proteins.

Here is an interesting article about gluten and Caputo flour.

I had the same experience in Italy. Nowdays, if I allow myself to eat conventional gluten, my body gets bloated and I feel sluggish, but that didn't happen to me when I enjoy Italian food in Rome.



My stident gave me venison meat again! Thanks Kirt. I got venison chop at this time. Venison meat is very very lean, so it is difficult to cook them perfect. Grass-fed cultured butter from farmer's market and thyme brought great flavor andmoisture to lean meat. I always make born broth from grass fed beef on weekend, so boiled it down to very thick, and glazed broth sauce with butter and shallot. Behind story.... I forgot to serve my homemade sauerkraut!! I am not happy about main dish presentation.


Anyway, the first Tatekitchen in 2017 was miked! Take a look at his beautiful sketch. Hope WE made you hungry. Cheers.