Gluten Free Challenge

Noodle Maker

Researching gluten free! I made home made pasta without flour last weekend. Gluten free diet is in fashion and very popular. However those products are very expensive!


So I tried to make it from scratch. I am still not sure ratio of ingredients, like brown rice flour, tapioca flour and quinoa flour. Usually rice flour is used forgluten free, but it is high GI ingredients, so what I did was adding bean purée, which makes my pasta have more protein and fiber.

homemade noodle

Machine made noodle well. Those came out really good. I want more durum flour texture, but will get it soon after few more tries.


By the way, I don't have celiac disease. My body can deal with gluten. The reason why I try gluten free diet is staying away from inflammation.

Carbonara with Spring vegetable

I made spring vegetablepasta. Spring onion and asparagus were so yummy. You can refer my recipe of carbonara because I stir fried onion with pancetta and add asparagus into boiling water with pasta 30 seconds before mixing pasta with sauce.

Noodle was.... I would say "interesting taste" lol