Filet de Canard à la grenade

Mussel sauté with apple cyder cream
Gnocchi di Zucca
Pasta Nero di Alio olio
Linguine alla carbonara
Filet de Canard à la grenade
Torta di zucca e pistacchi


My friend came to see me from LA and my squad got together. My buddy brought really good wine for dinner, so I was very pumped for cooking. My friend from LA, Take, gave me a chef shirt for my last birthday gift, so I wore one for the night.



All ingredients are home made and seasonal. I made mussels for antipasto. I would use scallops, but those are expensive. lol Apples are so good now because it's season. I wanted sauce made as mousse, but there was mousse former at my friend's place. Toppings are chives and walnuts stir flied with butter(of course glass fed)


All pastas are homemade from scratch. I bought cuttlefish ink from online. My friends loved my black ink pasta. Sage and butter are always great combination. 



Duck roast was incredible. It came out really good. That was prefectly cooked as medium rare. Pomegranate sauce made duck meat so elegant and fresh. I love duck! Great for Cabernet wine



For dessert, I baked pumpkin pie. Everything is homemade and has no sugar. Maple syrup works perfect for sweetness and extra formed maple cream made you unstoppable even though you are full.



That was great wine dinner by Tatekitchen. Fighter's diet start this week, so I ve been enjoyed my meal. I'll update my food blog, which I enjoyed after my last fight, so stay tuned with Tatekitchen!

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