Crystal Clear Ramen


If you think Ramen is easy to make, I m gonna take you down and pound you!!! lol The racio between sauce(flavor and saltiness) and soup, temperature of a Ramen bowl, time from putting noodle into soup to topping are very important. If you make mistake any of those, your ramen would mess up.

My friends finished eating them without talking. I guess they liked my Ramen. Broth was clear and less fatty compared of Tonkotsu, which is pork bone based, and I eat more vegetable and pick whole grain noodle, so it can be in my diet 4 or 5 weeks before the fight day. (just saying...)

I finally used up chicken bones in fridge. I use up everything I buy at grocery with appreciation. However, I got a fight coming up in next month, so there will be more chicken bones in fridge...What should I do with those?

I did Tatekitchen at my friend's house last weekend.
I made home made Ramen. Everything was made from scratch! When buy chicken, I always pick whole chicken. Clean chicken and separate them into breast, tenderloin, thigh and other piece. After that, I got so many chicken bones left, so keep them in fridge. You have to be careful of heat temperature to make clear soup.

I mixed chicken based stock and Japanese Dashi style (Fish and seaweed) for soup. When you prepare stock from seaweed, put dried seaweed the day before and heat up right before it gets boiled. If you overcook seaweed, soup gets bad smell and slimy. Crystal clear ramen soup is all about a balance between cooking temperature and ingredients.

My friends started shouting out "hungry!!!! when we get Ramen!!!" so...I feed my lovely cha-shu pork to them. Oh... I spend so much time on this tender pork belly, like my son. They ate up in a second.  That is their answer. I guess I did  a great job. At the end, the most difficult part is serving. Since a whole bowl of ramen starts getting cold and noodle is also start absorbing soup and getting longer and longer, which affect its taste and texture a lot, I have to keep bowls hot by soaking hot water and finish serving and topping as quick as I can. Well, as long as I saw my friends' happy faces, I also did another great job. Cooking rame is afun option for weekend activity, but it is a lot of work. I just walk in a good ramen place and get my bowl and want to crush it. That's how I felt. lol